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How I Feel About Twitter February 3, 2009

Filed under: Assignments-PRCA 2330 — sbsullivan @ 4:39 am

At first, Twitter was really confusing to me. I didn’t understand the point of it, and how everyone was connected. I didn’t understand what the difference between a “Tweet” and a “Direct Message.” I wasn’t sure how I would find all of my classmates just by using the tag PRCA2330. I also was iffy about people using it as a network tool.  Now I understand I was wrong. Twitter is a very important tool for networking and learning about things that are interesting. For example, I love to cook. On a whim, I searched for Paula Deen. I was delighted when I found her. I started “following” her and now whenever she updates her page, I am notified. This makes her more like a real person to me, rather than just a celebrity. I started following someone with the tag PR in their username. I did this because I am going into Public Relations and wanted to see if Twitteris as good of a networking site as I had been told. Not a day after “following” this user, she sent me a message saying she was delighted I am using Twitter because it is an important tool in the career world, especially in Public Relations. She also went on to say if I have any questions or need a contact for someone in PR in my location, not to hesitate to ask. This showed me just how powerful a tool like Twitter can be. I enjoy using Twitter and look forward to using it in the future for networking, as well as for fun.


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