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Chapter 2: The Evolution of PR February 4, 2009

In class the other day, we discussed the Evolution of Public Relations. I know more in detail about how Public Relations works, and was surprised to see how many well-known names from history have been intricately involved with Public Relations. I was interested to learn Public Relations was a practiced tool even during in ancient times. For example, Julius Caesar wrote a book in order to promote his goal in becoming the emperor of the Roman Empire. I also thought it was interesting to see how Public Relations played a role in the Boston Tea Party. “PRWeek has calledit ‘the greatest and best-known publicity stunt of all time.” Henry Ford used the two basic PR principles: positioning and being accessible to the press. I was suprised to see President Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to use news conferences and press conferences for public support. These days, those are both heavily relied on for any issue. It suprised me that he was the first to utilize them because those seem like they would’ve been around for hundreds of years. I would like to know more about aspects of women in Public Relations. I was concerned when I read that even though women dominate the Public Relations field, men still dominate the management levels. When I am in a career, I would like to know if I work hard enough and am successful in my endeavors, that my gender will not affect my placement in a management position. Overall, our class discussions were enlightening to me. I learned more than I thought I would by breaking off in groups and discussing the eras with classmates.

All information is based off of the content from Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics (9th ed.) by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.


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