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Chapter 5 March 14, 2009

Chapter 5 is titled Research. The main reasons for using research are:

  • to achieve credibility with management
  • to define audiences and segment publics
  • to formulate strategy
  • to test messages
  • to help management keep in touch
  • to prevent crises
  • to monitor competition
  • to sway public opinion
  • to generate publicity
  • to measure success

Research is done primarily and secondary. Primary research is directed to answer a specific question. Some examples of primary research are in-depth interviews, focus groups, surveys, and polls. Secondary research uses existing information, such as databases, books, and magazine articles. There is also qualitative and quantitative research.

Another important part of research is how to construct questions. There are a number of ways to create a questionnaire that is unbiased and politically correct.

All information is based off of the content from Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics (9th ed.) by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.


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