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Tribes March 31, 2009

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For my PRCA 2330 class, I watched a video of Seth Godin speaking on his book called Tribes. Even if I hadn’t learned anything about the book, I feel like I would’ve read it simply because Godin is such a character. He has many interesting points of view. The book Tribes is about the different tribes, or groups, we as society, function in. The three original tribes he speaks of are church, work, and community. I had never thought about my “tribes” but since he brought it to my attention, I agree. Godin’s definition of a tribe is a group of people who have similar interest and share fundamental ideas. People of the same tribes have easier access to find like members because of the Internet. The invention of the internet has broken down many barriers, including georgraphic and monetary barriers. Godin brings up a cartoon by Godin’s friend, Hugh Mcleod.

Godin says though the economy is low, the items people have been buying are things that make people feel good. After people buy food and shelter, and other necessities, they search for items with meaning.

It suprised me to see him show pictures of adults dressed up as Star Wars characters and Wizard of Oz characters. He states these are people who enjoy the movies, and want to show their appreciation by dressing up as the characters. This action also shows their dedication to their tribes.

He made me laugh when speaking about women who work all day and then relieve stress and “hurt themselves” by playing roller derby.

Godin describes the difference between a crowd and a tribe. A crowd is just a group of people gathered. A tribe is a people who are grouped for a similar reason. He gives the example of pirates. Pirates have one goal: treasure. They usually have similar dress.

I enjoyed watching Godin speak about Tribes.  I will probably read the book at some point to learn more about his ideas.


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    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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