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Celebrities Ruining the Personal Feel of Twitter? April 20, 2009

Filed under: PR Connections — sbsullivan @ 9:02 am

An article from a Sydney newspaper says Hugh Jackman, along with many other celebrities, use their secretaries or assistants to send out “tweets” on Twitter, rather than doing it themselves.  Many feel this is”undercutting the personal touch of the fast-growing social networking site.” Hugh Jackman had his assistant send out a “tweet” that said he was “having lunch on the harbor across from the Opera Center.” Jackman later donated $100,000 to lengthen Twitter’s 140 word limit in order to encourage charitable organizations to get more success. 



The article also discusses the effect of a celebrity’s publicist on their image. Tom Cruise is an example. His image changed drastically when he hired his Scientologist sister as his publicist. Now people view him in a negative light as a result of her views.


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