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Chapter 9 April 20, 2009

Chapter 9 is titled Public Opinion and Persuasion. The book states public opinion is elusive and difficult to measure it at any given moment. It is rare for people to have a common opinion, if they even have an opinion at all. The catalyst of public opinion is public discussion. As more knowledge is attained, more opinions are formed. Persuasion is an important part of PR. It “can be used to change or neutralize hostile opinions, crystallie latent opinions and positive attitdues, and conserve favorable opinions.” Factors in persuasion are:

  • audience analysis
  • source credibility
  • appeal to self interet
  • message clarity
  • timing and context
  • audience participation
  • suggestions for action
  • content and structure of messages
  • persuasive speaking

All information is based off of the content from Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics (9th ed.) by Dennis L. Wilcox and Glen T. Cameron.


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