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PR Professionals April 20, 2009

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In my Public Relations class on Wednesday, my teacher arranged for two Public Relations Professionals to come speak to our class. They both work for the company, three, which combines advertising, PR, and direct marketing into one company. The speakers were Lauren Crawford and Jeremy Estroff.  They both gave interesting insight about what it takes to get hired in the PR world. One point they continuously stressed was writing, and to include samples of your writing in your resume. They also stated how much social media is changing Public Relations. No longer does PR only pertain to press releases, research, and media pitches, now the social media adds a whole new aspect. Lauren said she feels she is one of the only PR professionals not on Twitter.

Jeremy had many interesting experiences. As the art director of three, he has worked on many projects. One thing he said that stood out in my mind is that “a logo is not just a logo, it is a device to communicate a company’s message.” One project he worked on was with Mercedes. They spent 12 million dollars for the media release of their very first SUV.

Jeremy has worked with an individual firm, a corporate company, and has also done freelance PR. He said freelance is a great way to get experience, and it’s convenient because you are able to set your own hours.

While working at done work with three, Lauren and Jeremy have done work with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Shaw Flooring. With Shaw, they needed a new “sexy” type of flooring. How can flooring be sexy? Take a look at the sample Lauren and Jeremy created and shared with my class.

Shaw Flooring Sample












Lauren and Jeremy answered many of my questions about life in a PR career might be like. They made me very excited about getting started. I enjoyed their insight.


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