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Twitter…Still Learning April 22, 2009

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For my Intro to PR class, I was required to do “Another 48 hours of Twitter.” Earlier in the semester, I was required to do Twitter for a short period of time and was more than confused about the point of Twitter.

After seeing the popularity escalate, even between celebrities, I realized it was time for me to get more acquainted with Twitter. In order to do this, I found a video online and dove right in.

I also visited The Twitter Power System Blog and a good many tips on what to post to impact your followers. One tip I found especially beneficial was about “Retweeting.” The website says,

“Retweets represent the real communal spirit of Twitter.

It spreads valuable information based on your own editorial criteria and allows important news to spread through the Twitter community with incredible speed.

So if you find a Tweet that provides you with good information, share it with your followers.

Just remember to include the person’s username with the message when you retweet. For example, if the original tweet is from @peterfrancis make sure that you add

RT @peterfrancis

to the front of the original message. This will provide your followers with quality content and make sure that the person who created the tweet gets recognition for it.”

I didn’t know anything about this type of tweeting, but am now going to put it to use.

My first week of  Twitter, I really had no idea what I was doing. I think I sent a million during the Super Bowl game, just trying to catch up with all the other updates I saw. I didn’t understand why I had to put the @ or # symbols in my “tweets,” and to be honest, I didn’t even understand what was meant by a “tweet.”

This time around using Twitter, I was able to use it to my advantage. I followed people I was really interested in, and who could also provide some self-benefit. I followed several PR professionals so that I can have contacts in case I have a question about something.  One thing I noticed this time around that I hadn’t noticed before was the Twitter vocabulary definitions on the right side of the Twitter website.  It’s difficult to start using Twitter, and the unique vernacular makes it even harder. The definitions are extremely beneficial. 48 hours was still not enough time for me to become 100% comfortable with Twitter. When I log on my computer, I still automatically check my email and Facebook, but not Twitter. It  doesn’t occur to me until much later. I’m hoping this will change with experience, because as I stated earlier, I do feel it is a very useful tool.

I am very suprised at the number of people using Twitter and how celebrity use has escalated. What a smart way to get some publicity.

I want to know how to become better versed in using the website. As I said earlier, I think I could use it to my advantage if I were more comfortable with it.

In my search for interesting people involved in PR on Twitter,  stumbled across, which has a list 40 PR -Related People to Follow on Twitter. Three people I would recommend on this list are:

  1. @KarenRussell-She is a Public Relations professor at UGA. What better idea for a PR student to be in contact with another PR professor. She has interesting tweets about happenings in the PR World.
  2.  @dough– Doug Haslam is a PR Professional with SHIFT. His tweets are quirky.
  3. @jangles-Neville Hobson is a PR profession and co-hosts  the FIR podcast with Shel Holtz. He is based in the United Kingdom. For me it is good to have a contact who is overseas. Travel is a passion of mine, and I would love to be able to travel with my career in PR. He also provides many links to interesting websites in his updates.

One disappointment I had on Twitter was I had to request to follow @rdfrench, Robert French, a professor at Auburn University, and the creator of PR Open Mic. I understand the need for privacy, but I was still disappointed that I didn’t get to immediately see his updates.


You can follow me on @sbsullivan. I guarantee you’ll see me around!


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