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Halloween Festivities October 30, 2009

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With Halloween only one day away, excitement is buzzing in the air. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the fall air, the costumes, and the trick-or-treating. My neighborhood growing up was very hilly and didn’t have any sidewalks. We always went to the North Georgia Outlet Malls to trick-or-treat.  The stores gave out the best candy and coupons for Mom and Dad. I think that’s a pretty smart idea. My parents still take my ten year-old brother there. This year he is Jawa, a character from Star Wars. I’ve had a wide variety of costumes. To name a few, I’ve dressed up as Dorothy, a gypsy, an angel, a 1950’s girl, a dalmation, and many others. I love dressing up. This year I will have two costumes. One is a referee, and the other has not been decided yet. It’ll be a last minute thrown together costume. You might be wondering why there is a need for two costumes. Here in Statesboro, Halloween is at least a two night celebration. For most it’s usually three nights, especially when Halloween falls on Saturday.


My Dream Job October 23, 2009

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My dream job is to be a famous singer. I love to sing (though I can’t) and do so often. If I could sing in front of thousands of people, I would be content. I would sing many different genres of music, but mostly country and pop. I’d like to be known as Taylor Swift’s role model. I feel like I would be a huge success. With my profits, I would like to either start my own charity or become an active member of one that is already established. I would donate my time and money to this organization. I would also enjoy doing charity concerts to raise money for a variety of causes.


Pet Peeves October 16, 2009

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I like to think I am a very tolerant person, however, there are some things that really get me going.

I think the one that bothers me the most is when I go through a drive thru or call in a to-go order from a restaurant and they get my order wrong. Most of the time I check before I pull away, but if there is a big line behind me or I’m in a rush, I will leave  checking.  When my order is wrong I get so frustrated. This is their job, and usually they have a screen right in front of them with step by step instructions on what should or should not be in the order.

Another one is when people are slow. Driving, working, walking, anything…. It absolutely drives me nuts. I am a very fast-paced person, so I try to take that into consideration if I start to get annoyed with someone, but when it’s excessively slow, and it’s affecting my performance, I can’t stand it!


Agreement on Seinfield Being a Great Show October 9, 2009

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I recently read one of my classmates blog posts about his favorite TV show, Seinfield. I love this show and was glad to bond with him about it! Blogs are a great way to find out fun facts about your peers.


If I Could Pick the Next Concert for GSU…

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I absolutely love Taylr Swift. I am a HUGE fan. I have been to two of her concerts and I can say she is an excellent performer. I know she has performed at Georgia Southern before, so that may not be a reality… How disappointing. Below is a video of T-Pain and Taylor Swift. She raps with him and all the lyrics make fun of herself. I think it is hilarious. I heart Taylor Swift.

The Goo Goo Dolls would be my next pick. They sing many of favorite songs, and I’ve heard they are great performers. I think they are a band that many people would appreciate and relate to. They performed at West Georgia a few years back, so maybe they would be affordable for us to host. I hope so.


How Do I Feel about the Health Reform? Good Question… October 2, 2009

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I honestly am not sure how I feel about the health reform. My lack of opinion is due to my lack of knowledge. I know bits and pieces about the current situation, but not enough to make a fully educated statement about how I feel one way or another. I think it is important for changes to be made, because the previous system had many glitches, but I do not think spending millions of dollars that we DON’T have is the best fix right now. Many people share this opinion with me. For example, an article on Guardian New’s website shows many lobbyists protesting against the reforms.

In Obama’s defense he stated, “‘I know some folks say we should focus on fixing the economy instead of on health insurance reform. … But I also believe that health insurance reform is absolutely critical to fixing our economy. It’s how we’ll encourage more entrepreneurs to take a gamble on a good idea. It’s how we’ll make sure that if they do, they’ll be able to cover the costs of insuring their employees,” at a Democratic Governors Association fundraiser in Washington. For more information, visit the Kaiser Health News website.


Comment on Sean Runyan’s blog

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After reading Sean Runyan’s post about the preference of a boxing match vs. a UFC fight, I commented that I prefer neither. Nothing could be less enjoyable to me than watching two men beat each other to a pulp. If I’m going to watch someone box, I like to do so on Wii Sports because no blood is shed.