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How Do I Feel about the Health Reform? Good Question… October 2, 2009

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I honestly am not sure how I feel about the health reform. My lack of opinion is due to my lack of knowledge. I know bits and pieces about the current situation, but not enough to make a fully educated statement about how I feel one way or another. I think it is important for changes to be made, because the previous system had many glitches, but I do not think spending millions of dollars that we DON’T have is the best fix right now. Many people share this opinion with me. For example, an article on Guardian New’s website shows many lobbyists protesting against the reforms.

In Obama’s defense he stated, “‘I know some folks say we should focus on fixing the economy instead of on health insurance reform. … But I also believe that health insurance reform is absolutely critical to fixing our economy. It’s how we’ll encourage more entrepreneurs to take a gamble on a good idea. It’s how we’ll make sure that if they do, they’ll be able to cover the costs of insuring their employees,” at a Democratic Governors Association fundraiser in Washington. For more information, visit the Kaiser Health News website.


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