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My Favorite TV Show October 2, 2009

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When asked what my favorite TV show is, I have no problem answering. Friends wins by a long shot. I began watching the show when I was in high school. I didn’t follow the seasons because I was always busy with sports and other extracurriculars. However, I saw plenty of episodes on the re-runs TBS played nightly. Now I have all ten seasons and watch them daily. I have seen every episode at least four times. Some people may call me obsessed, but I feel the correct terminology is dedicated.I love the humor in this show. Each of the six characters have a different style of humor, and combined, the result is a hilarious show that keeps me laughing even if I’ve seen the episode ten times.


My favorite show that is currently running is Grey’s Anatomy. When this show first began, I did not follow it. My freshman year of college, all of my roommates were avid fans of the show. When they learned I had never seen an episode, they rented every season from Blockbuster, and thus began my addiction to this wonderful show. I now own the first and second seasons and am working on getting the next two. I enjoy watching Grey’s because there is romance, medical drama, and humor involved in one show. What more could you ask for? Plus, who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of McDreamy and McSteamy?


Other shows I enjoy are Law and Order: SVU, Everybody Loves Raymond, and NCIS.


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