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Pet Peeves October 16, 2009

Filed under: PRCA 3330,Uncategorized — sbsullivan @ 2:52 pm

I like to think I am a very tolerant person, however, there are some things that really get me going.

I think the one that bothers me the most is when I go through a drive thru or call in a to-go order from a restaurant and they get my order wrong. Most of the time I check before I pull away, but if there is a big line behind me or I’m in a rush, I will leave  checking.  When my order is wrong I get so frustrated. This is their job, and usually they have a screen right in front of them with step by step instructions on what should or should not be in the order.

Another one is when people are slow. Driving, working, walking, anything…. It absolutely drives me nuts. I am a very fast-paced person, so I try to take that into consideration if I start to get annoyed with someone, but when it’s excessively slow, and it’s affecting my performance, I can’t stand it!


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