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I’ve Been Bitten By the Vampire Craze November 6, 2009

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My favorite books as of right now are the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I was very reluctant to start reading these books because I thought it was plain weird. I was finally convinced, and now am obsessed! I’m on my third time reading through them. They combine humor, romance, and action into one book.

I just got my mom started on reading them two weeks ago. I gave her the first two books, and she’s already read both. She can’t wait for the most recent movie, New Moon, to be released. She’s waiting to read the next two books after she sees the movie.

Reading is one of my all time favorite hobbies. It’s hard to be consistent with reading non-school related text books during the school year, but over the breaks, I will make up for lost time. This past summer I read around 30 books. Sometimes I’ll go through a whole one in one day. I am a nerd, but I can’t help what I enjoy to do.


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