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Goooooo Eagles!! November 13, 2009

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This week my blog post topic is school spirit. I am a True, Blue, Georgia Southern Eagle. I am passionate about my university and show it in my actions. One way I personally show my spirit is my various affiliations with Georgia Southern. I have been involved in many different organizations on campus. A few of these are BUILD, Southern Ambassadors, LeaderShape, Football Recruitment, Grand Slam Marketing, and Campus Recreation and Intramurals. Each of these organizations benefit Georgia Southern and its students. Southern Ambassadors is probably the best way I show my school spirit. I get to talk to hundreds of students and parents interested in Georgia Southern. I am able to show my spirit through this organization. I put in many hours of my time for free.

I also enjoy going to sporting events. I have been to every home football game except two since I’ve been a student here. I think we are so lucky that we are able to attend all of the games so I take advantage of it. I also enjoy going to baseball and basketball games. The men’s are women’s basketball teams are playing tonight at Hanner. Check out their full schedule.


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