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Bayer Crisis Management April 27, 2009

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Question for all my Public Relations peers, how should Bayer have handled their recent fiasco differently?


UGA Professor/Murderer

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In today’s edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, there is an article about the recent shootings at UGA. The shooter has been a professor at UGA since 1994. He opened fire outside a community theater Saturday afternoon .Three people were killed and several others were wounded.

George M. Zinkhan III, the shooter, is on the loose. Police are currently searching for him in one of his three cars.

The quotes in this story are from people directly related to the issue at hand. It would be inappropriate for a public relations professional to add a quote, unless they were involved in the story. This story was published in order to let people know to be on the look out for this dangerous man. Included in the article are his picture and a description of his body build and the cars he drives. Public relations is involved in order to warn the community about this man. In our book, the different types of public relations are described. I believe this may be classified as either community relations or issues management. UGA must also use good public relations so their university isn’t portrayed in a negative light.

UGA President Michael Adams, said,

“The University community is shocked and saddened at this tragic event. Our first thoughts are for safety of the university community and for prompt apprehension of the person responsible. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all those who have been affected.”

Public relations is very important in our news. It ensures that the public gets a fair view of what is going on. I feel it is important for journalists  to use public relations in their news writings. Usually, it is what is best for the company or organization, as well as the public.


Celebrities Ruining the Personal Feel of Twitter? April 20, 2009

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An article from a Sydney newspaper says Hugh Jackman, along with many other celebrities, use their secretaries or assistants to send out “tweets” on Twitter, rather than doing it themselves.  Many feel this is”undercutting the personal touch of the fast-growing social networking site.” Hugh Jackman had his assistant send out a “tweet” that said he was “having lunch on the harbor across from the Opera Center.” Jackman later donated $100,000 to lengthen Twitter’s 140 word limit in order to encourage charitable organizations to get more success. 



The article also discusses the effect of a celebrity’s publicist on their image. Tom Cruise is an example. His image changed drastically when he hired his Scientologist sister as his publicist. Now people view him in a negative light as a result of her views.


Woman Attacked By Police in London Hires PR to Sell Her Story

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Nicole Fisher, an avid protester for animal rights was trying to attend her friend’s vigil, who passed away during a protest a fe days before. A police officer hit her repeatedly. He has been suspended. Fisher is planning to hire Max Clifford, a PR professional in order to give all of her information. It has been said that she is looking for  £50,000  to sell her story, as well as other funds for a compensation claim.

Nicola Fisher in Brighton

Here is a link to the story:


Podcast-Managing the Gray April 7, 2009

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We did not have class on Wednesday for my PRCA 2330, so instead we were required to listen to a podcast on the Internet. I chose to listen to one called Managing the Grayby C.C. Chapman. The Managing the Gray website says this podcast is to “help business professionals and individuals stay up to date on what is happening in the world of social media.”

Just by listening to one podcast, I would have to agree that Managing the Gray is accomplishing it’s goal. I learned many ways of using the media to my advantage. The key part of social media is social networking on the Internet. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other blogging websites. Chapman said Twitter is important to connect with people in many different areas of the country and find people with similar interests. Facebook has made changes to further this process. Facebook now has a Fan Page, which makes it easier to broadcast your information. Personally, I think this change made Facebook more similar to Twitter. He mentioned a site called About Face which helps people who want to create a Fan Page on Facebook to hold appeal for people wanting to appeal to business associates. I really only think of Facebook as a way for my generation to stay in touch with friends, but Chapman made me realize it is becoming more of a business tool as well.

I was surprised at the effectiveness of the podcast. I have never listened to one before. I am a very visual learner so usually it is hard for me to listen to someone speaking without any visual aids for an extended period of time. This being said, I was surprised when I was able to hang on every word Chapman said. I enjoyed the podcast. It was really interesting, and Chapman was not boring at all. I will definitely be listening to some more of these in the future.

I want to know more about podcasts in general. Who are well-known podcasters? Can I subscribe to them? How do I download them to my iPod? I’m also majoring in Spanish. Are there podcasts in Spanish?